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I have just been through hell and back with persistent back pain day and night even on high strength pain relieve and and anti-inflamatory drugs. My problem is disc/nerve related and I was becoming desperate to relieve the pain somehow. A friend told me about traction devices that open up the gaps between vertebrae to take pressure off the nerves, but they were expensive so I did a search to find alternatives. This inflatable belt has been a wonder. When I feel pain building (especially when sitting) I put this belt on, inflate it and bingo the pain goes away and my lower back feels stable. You can't wear it all the time, but you can wear it for at least a couple of hours which works a treat when say you are sitting down to dinner or watching TV or driving a car. I highly recommend this product.

Phillip Brown

I bought this back belt coz I have back problem for many years from a fall. I usually apply creams to soothe the pain. It’s not very convenient when I’m out and in pain and trying to apply the cream in a changing room or toilet. I wrapped this belt firmly around my waist, it works really well. It provides great level of support. I actually feel so much better wearing it day and night having my back support by it. I really recommend it if you got back problems like me

Gary Hill

This belt is a must for anyone with back trouble. I have slipped a disc twice this year, the first time I did not have this belt and it was honestly one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. The second time it went I found out about this belt and I wish I had got it sooner (still had a week of pain before I found it) the belt pretty much gives instant relief from the sciatica and has aided my recovery massively! For the price just get one and give it a go. I spent hundreds on a physio and chiropractors and they basically do the same as the belt. Straighten the spine and decompress it to relieve the pain. The belt gives you support and comfort so you can go about your day without that horrible pain and discomfort

Tina Tailor

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